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Our Mission

The Hot Momma mission is to provide our surrounding community with a high level of care and quality in our services. We are creating a level playing field by empowering women to do jobs in a male dominated industry. Hot Mommas help everyday people complete everyday tasks.

What We Do

The Hot Mommas aim to help our customers with hauling, property maintenance, and home services. Hauling includes removal of junk, construction demolition/cleanouts, and small deliveries. Home services include painting and drywall. Property Maintenance includes property upkeep for absentee multi family and residential owners and current tenets.

also helping with Airbnbs!


We stay updated and prepared with any and all pandemic awareness safety measures, by following CDC guidelines to keep our customers and employees safe. . It means avoiding hazardous manual handling and using machines or equipment to move or lift loads. For tasks that cannot be handled by machinery, employers should assess the load weight and nature, the posture required to carry out the tasks, the health of workers as well as the working environment.

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