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There is no limit

to what we, as women, can accomplish.


Hot Mommas

Let Momma Help You!



Founded by Women with a need for community and vision for an equal future.

At Hot Mommas Hauling and Property Maintenance we learn and grow together feeding off of each other's expertise in our given fields.




Junk Removal

We are dedicated to providing hauling services at fair and reasonable prices. We offer full junk removal services for home or business. Our Service includes hauling away junk, trash, furniture and debris from places like your garage, storage unit, or project job site. Also available is our single item pick up. We haul away refrigerators, mattresses, old couches, and many more items at a fair price.

Furniture/Appliance Delivery Small Moves

Hot Mommas LLC provides flexible end-to-end solutions ALL in one company. We can assist you with your small or large installation projects by ensuring the best possible service at an affordable cost. Some of our specialized services are large object installations, TVs, mirrors, pictures, any light fixture and high ceiling chandelier installation. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices and overall value Is simply why our loyal customers won't go anywhere else.


Our friendly, well-trained staff will provide you with the highest quality and most personally-customized service. We look forward to serving you as well!

Light Demolition / Clean Outs Trailer Rentals

With over 10 years of experience, Hot Mommas LLC. has built a loyal
customer base all around the Bay area thanks to the high quality of work and competitive rates. Customer satisfaction has always been a priority for us. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work; each project is a reflection of our high quality standards, professionalism and dedication towards our customers.

Often this type of work takes place in environments that are continually occupied during the demolition process. We make every effort to maintain a clean working environment with reduced disruption to normal business activities.

Our team of professionals takes care to target and implement safety procedures prior to beginning work, and maintains those procedures throughout the job.

Ask us about our Trailer Rental Specials!

Paint by Hot Momma 

Introducing "EmpowerHues" – A stroke of brilliance in the world of home paint, designed by women, for women. Step into a realm where creativity and camaraderie converge, where each brushstroke becomes a symbol of empowerment and community. Unleashing a palette of vibrant colors, EmpowerHues is more than just a paint line; it's a celebration of women's ingenuity, resilience, and strength. With every can of EmpowerHues, we unite in a powerful mission – to support and uplift women working hand in hand, painting not just walls but also brighter futures for one another. Let your walls tell a story of change, as we come together to beautify our homes and communities, while creating a world where women rise and thrive together.



You Can Trust




Our Happy Customers

This is a great company. Professional, kind, and efficient! I called the day before and they sent a truck the next morning. They arrived right when they said they would, and they cleared out a yard full of junk that has been sitting there for months in only 30 minutes! I highly recommend this place. Support locally owned businesses instead of the big corps for this job. The difference shows! 10/10 very satisfied

Dara and James Levine

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